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Steam sterilization of berry blend


4 & 5 log reduction for TERP validation

Freeze dried raspberries & blueberries pasteurized with Steristep: check out the test results

Freeze dried TERP

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Milling and cryomilling

Steam Pasteurization service

Roasting/Drying Service

Pasteurization of seaweed

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Pasteurization of raw almonds:

Steam treatment on chopped vanilla

Steam pasteurization of:

Freeze dried blueberries
Freeze dried raspberries
Freeze dried spinach
Freeze dried oat flakes
Freeze dried pumkin flakes
Freeze dried apple flakes

steam pasteurized

FCD: 1st European pasteurization center with + 800 tons treated in six months

=>Visit our result page to discover microbiology achieved on different products

Bug disinfection and decontamination of pink pepper

New heat sealing machine

Recently installed at FCD, the heat sealer allows us to provide continuous sealing right after sterilization and drying for a safe packaging.

DSC_0664 DSC_0666Picture of grinder (right) and heat sealing machine (left)


Latest article about FCD in Food Hygiene International

Steristep treatment on pepper

FCD’s Steristep System preserves Vitamins in vegetable powders

Recent testing on Steristep (2015) showed that heat treatment to reduce pathogens did not alter vitamins in powdered vegetables.

A short thermal process at atmospheric pressure had little impact on the degradation of vitamins.

Pasteurization on the samples was achieved repeatedly on this Broccoli powder.


Further research is being carried to examine other herbal products as well as spices. FCD is also looking at other nutrients that can be retained: enzymes, fatty acids, etc.

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Pepper 7-log reduction on E. Faecium:


Sterilization of palmaria seaweed:

20151127 Laminaria

Here is a video to watch to better understand the process:



Processing machinery for the food industry

FCD conceives and manufactures continuous processing equipment for the food insudtry, specializing in the following fields: Sterilization, roasting, drying and cooling.

The pasteurization of medical tools, milk, meat and vegetables also applies to bulk solids such as herbs, spices, nuts as they contain pathogenic microorganisms like listeria, slamonella, E.coli, Bacilii etc.

Models offered:

NEW Batch Roaster TSB100

TSB100 (sml)





Steam pasteurizer (Steristir)

Steristir Small

Continuous Roaster

TS roasting system




Steristep Continous Pasteurizer



CS Cooling system






Cryogenic Milling Service (Nitrogen)


Sifting (screening)



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