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 Analysis Report FCD:

20171019 treatment 1

20171102 treatment 2


pretreatment (presence)


post steam treatment (absence)


Other products treated

The adjustable settings of our equipment  allow a custom pasteurization with up to 97% less steam compared to other treatments.

Therefore, organoleptic qualities are preserved more efficiently (VO, Vitamins, Proteins, color etc…).

2017 03 31 Cannelle – Cinnamon (Steristep)

2017 02 08 Cannelle – Cinnamon (Steristep)

2017 01 18 Myrtilles_blueberries (Steristep)

2016 06 Mint Leaves – Feuilles Menthe (Steristir)

2016 03  Egg powder_oeuf poudre (Steristep)

2016 04 Gousse vanille Vanilla pod Chopped (Steristir)

2016 04 Palmaria (Steristep)

Almonds decontamination report FCD

Walnuts-noix (Steristep)


Valerian (Steristir)

Poudre extrait plantes – Powder herbal extract

Poudre extrait plantes – Powder herbal extract

Moringa (Steristep)

Guarana (Steristir)