Steristir is now available as a decontamination machine for:

  • herbs,

  • spices,

  • flours,

  • powders (cocoa, vegetables)

  • dried fruits and more.

This technology is now the 4th machine developped in 2 years.
When was the last innovation in this field?



The models available :

(with a product density of 0.6kg/l taken as a reference. Prices are intended ex-works from France)

Steristir Small









What is included ?

  • Automation and controls
  • Boiler and chillers
  • Decontamination unit
  • Cooling / drying section



  • Product is heated by contact with stainless steel boby that is regulated throughout the process
  • The steam saturates the chamber to inactivate pathogens
  • Dwell time is adjustable to determine the temperature desired. Particles are conveyed mechanically thanks to the rotating paddles.
  • The process does not cook the products which remain raw and organic

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