Steristep pasteurization

Continuous steam pasteurizing machine

The Steristep uses 2 sources of energy for more flexibility and efficiency. Sterilization of several products can be achieved with this process such as herbs, spices, nuts, flours, powders etc. It is a complete production line with its own cooling section (see cooling)

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Steristep lines


  • Ensure mixing
  • Treat all types of products
  • Allows controlled residence time (vibrating frequency)

Direct heat

Particles heated by contact with a heated stainless steel surface (simple electrical resistances)

  • Avoid condensation
  • Low energy consumption (70-90kWh/ton – 30% inferior to similar processes)
  • High heating surface/m2 (fast rise of product temperature)
  • Short residence time
  • Preserves the organoleptic properties of products

Steam (100 – 120°C)

The steam is injected with nozzles at the bottom of each step which ensures the following

  • Homogeneous exposure to heat of the particles
  • Increased thermal conductivity

chaleur plaque

vapeur ligne

Continuous steam pasteurizing machine explained

Example of a commercial installation