Steristir is a continuous steam pasteurization machine for the following products:

  • herbs,

  • spices,

  • flours,

  • powders (cocoa, vegetables)

  • dried fruits and more.

This technology is now the 4th steam pasteurization machine developped in within 4 years.
When was the last innovation in this field?

What is included ?

  • Automation and controls
  • Boiler and chillers
  • Decontamination unit
  • Cooling / drying section

The heat combined with steam in the decontamination machine allows a fast treatment time. Therefore, this limits the impact on the organoleptic properties of the material treated (volatile oils, color, particle size)


  • Product is heated by contact with stainless steel boby that is regulated throughout the process
  • The steam saturates the chamber to inactivate pathogens
  • Dwell time is adjustable to determine the temperature desired. Particles are conveyed mechanically thanks to the rotating paddles.
  • The process does not cook the products which remain raw and organic


Material used in this steam pasteurizer :

The main components are made out of stainless steel which makes it perfect for food indutries and pharmaceutical use. The other components are food grade (seals, paddles) materials.

Steristir spice pasteurizer
Continuous blending/Sterilizing